Creator (DePol) guidelines draft

I figured for our project we wouldn’t necessarily need life dates for creators, but thought it interesting to include the practice exists on other digital image repositories.

  • Label


  • Element Description

An entity primarily responsible for making the resource.  Can include a person, organization, or service, but typically is a personal name.

  • Required?

Required, if known.

  • Repeatable?

No; any secondary contributions belong to Contributor or Publisher element, if applicable (where Publisher is usually used for an organization, vs. Creator used for persons).

  • Guidelines for Creation of Content

Controlled forms use inverted personal name order: Last (surname or family name), First (given name).

Creators should be listed separately, if more than one.

If no local content guidelines are in place, the best practice for consistency is to use the form of the name as in the Library of Congress Name Authority File.

  • Examples

Creator: Melville, Herman

Creator: Indiana State Library

Creator: Unknown

Creator=”Shakespeare, William” (from Dublin Core)

  • Notes

Indiana Memory lists dates of birth and death at the end of the Creator data (e.g.: Lincoln, Abraham, (1809-1865)).

Minnesota Reflections also denotes use of life dates at the end of the character string.  Their creator format is as follows: Last, First, Middle or Middle Initial if known, Life dates if known.  E.g.: Whitney, Joel Emmons, 1822-1886.


3 thoughts on “Creator (DePol) guidelines draft

  1. Good start! You’ve got the general idea for Creator … now you just need to customize these instructions for our particular image repository, which contains images of artwork that were all created by one person: John DePol. I’ll email you right now with a few additional notes…

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